one way rental Hue to Hoi An through Hai Van Pass

Owning a number of scooters, scooters with large numbers and high quality, regularly maintained, easy to use . The bike rental procedure is extremely simple. You only need to set ID card or Passport (or other papers such as driving license…). Support immediately when there is a problem. Many years of operation, Dong Xanh Motorbike always brings quality and value to customers when using its services.

one way rental Hoi An to Hue through Hai Van Pass

The best bikes that we offer are the bigger Honda manual bikes . We have the Honda Master which is 125cc. This bike is very comfortable for the longer rides and have more power compared to the scooters or Detech Wins. The biggest bikes we offer are the Honda XR 150cc which is a Perfect for the rough road conditions which you can find in Vietnam. Therefore this bike allows you to go everywhere and see everything Vietnam has to offer. Whilst the Honda Blade Automatic,or Semi is a lightweight but very reliable bike are perfect for a beginner.

You can see more details of the bikes that we offer as well as all of the protection, motorbike helmets .

If you wish to know more then please feel free to contact directly.

1. Check the contract carefully

To avoid any surprised charges, have a thorough read of the contract. Basic information such as bike model, rental, deposit, when the bike is rented, when it must be returned, etc. should be clearly stated.

Additional charges are applied when bikes are damaged or returned late. Asking in advance to avoid any miscommunication and further complication.

Blue cards DO NOT come with a rental bikes. They, however, come with a copy of the blue card.

Some shops offer extra service like sending luggage storage, luggage transfer, tour guide, driver, etc. If you’re looking for something extra, ask away! , Bike’s insurance policy is not included

2. Is the bike safe to ride?

Check list includes:

– How worn the tyres are

– Last time the oil was changed

– Front and back brakes

– Indicators, front light (low and high beam), honk, mirror

– Oil, fuel leaks

Any scratches or previously damaged parts on the bike should be written on the contract to avoid additional charges at the end.

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